Blog by Larry Hayden, Blog Editor

Blog Subject: Sources of local news.

As we follow the Great Commission taught by Jesus, to go into all the world with the
gospel (good news), a logical place to start is with our local community.

There are countless news apps to be found for iPhone .

The apps listed here are not in any way to be considered an endorsement,
but rather are only offered to perhaps save time in scouring for a local news app.

  1. It helps to stay in touch with the happenings in our local area.
  2. In our fast-paced world, newspapers have largely been replaced by online digital sources.
  3. Finding an app that helps you get the local news you want in a timely manner is essential.

For android users (non iphone) an app that seems to do a good job of local news for
Elko/Spring Creek is “Next News” click here

For iPhone a leading app for local news is News360 click here